My name is Saelis. I love art, music, video games, and writing. Poetry allows me to process the things I can’t verbalize.

Check out my Tumblr and Twitter, and follow my Instagram to see my art and photography.

A timeline of my writing journey:

-2014: My poem “Cardinal” was published in Central Texas College’s Byways Journal of Arts and Letters.

-2015: “Myth,” “Anxious,” and “Cielo” were published in the same journal, with “Anxious” winning the second place writing award.

-March 2015: Invited to present “Anxious” at Central Texas College’s “Women Who Rock” event, in honor of Women’s History Month.

-Spring 2017: Black Box poet at Texas A&M University. (See page 4 of this newsletter for an interview about my experience.)

-September 2017: My poem “Desert Rose” was published in Z Publishing’s anthology, Texas’s Best Emerging Poets. Ebook  /  Ebook (affiliate link)  /  Paperback